PROVIDER #147(e)

We have a DIRECT Bank Private Placement “BULLET” Program through this Provider, in a Top World Bank in London, England.

Profit/Returns to the Client-Investor are approximately/historically around 1000% or (10) ten times the Invested CASH Amount in (10) Ten Days. The Client may Repeat or Re-Enter ONLY ONE TIME for another 10 day period.

The Minimum CASH Required Amount to enter is $10,000,000 USD/EURO ($10 Million USD/EURO) and Up to $5,000,000,000 Billion USD/EURO ($5 Billion USD/EURO Maximum.

An Example of this Transaction:

The Initial CASH Deposit/Investment is $10 Million USD/EURO which earns approximately/historically a NET Profit of $100,000,000 USD/EURO ($100 Million USD/EURO-NET) to the client-investor in (10) ten days.

This $100 Million USD/EURO + the Original $10 Million USD/EURO = $110 Million USD/EURO-NET. This $110 Million USD/EURO is NOW Re-Invested ONE MORE TIME ONLY, and in (10) ten days, will earn approximately/historically $1.1 Billion USD/EURO-NET to the Client-Investor.

This $1.1 Billion USD/EURO + the Original $110 Million USD/EURO = $1.2 Billion USD/EURO-NET-TOTAL to the Client-Investor in a total of 20 days.

The $10 Million USD/EURO or more original CASH investment can stay in the client-investors’ Bank Account, including a U.S. Bank Account, as long as it’s in a Top 20 World Bank.

An Administrative Hold is placed on the client’s funds, and therefore, there is Zero or NO Risk to the client-investor. The Client-Investor does NOT have to travel to London, unless he/she wants to,


The Client-Investor will be Introduced DIRECTLY to the Private Placement Program Trader at the bank in London, England.

These Profit/Returns are “NET” to the Client-Investor. Consultant Commissions are 10% paid by the Trader.
This is an Excellent Program in Raising Cash in the Fastest and Most Substantial Manner. “London is Calling” and you should apply Immediately while this opportunity exists.


(1) The Client-Investor fills out the enclosed Attached Compliance Package, and if an individual, fills out the Individual Compliance Package, or if a Corporation, fills out the Corporation Compliance Package.
(2) In either Package, the client-investor provides Proof of Funds (POF), Client Information Sheet (CIS), Enlarged Color Copy of Current Passport, etc. The Package must be COMPLETE to be accepted by the Trader.
(3) The Client-Investor sends ALL Required Application/Documentation by Email Attachment (WORD, PDF File) Only to:

Attn: Direct Bank Private Placement Program Provider #147(e)
For Details send email to