Business News on Development of University Campuses in Brazil – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

Business News show Estácio Participações S.A. and its subsidiaries (“Estácio” or the “Company”) is one of Brazil’s largest private post-secondary education institutions with about 200,000, mostly undergraduate, students, spread over a network of 72 campuses with a significant presence in the state of Rio de Janeiro and the North and Northeast of the country.

Estácio also operates a university in Paraguay. Estacio is undertaking a corporate investment program to renovate its campuses, develop new campuses and expand its distance learning platform.

The project financing sponsor is Estácio Participações, a company founded in 1970 by the Uchôa family, which became public in 2007. GP Investimentos, a private equity fund, acquired 20% of the Company in 2008 and the founding family sold through a public offering, taken place in September 2010, their 42% stake in the Company. The current capital structure is: GP Investments, the controlling shareholder with 20% of the shares and 80% of free float trading at the Bovespa’s Novo Mercado.

Hindmarsh LLC t/as Hindmarsh Finance arranged for an IFC investment consisting of an A loan of $30 million equivalent  in local currency. Estácio will use the proceeds of the IFC loan to upgrade campus infrastructure, and expand through new campuses.

Estácio is present in 16 states in Brazil through its network of campuses. The Company’s Finance show planned expansion will increase its reach in a number of cities across the country.