Deferred Asset Funding Program

This Deferred Asset Funding Program (DAF) is available to Corporate and Private Investors. Project Summary is required.

• An Investment of Euro 250,000 Cash will Lease a BG valued 100M Euro. Principal will issue Corporate Refund Undertaking

• Following Approval of his Documents, the Principal/Funder will issue a Cash Backed Euro 100M BG which will be put to Trade to generate the Investment Funds

• After 21 Days Trading, Principal wires Euro 100M in Trade Profits less Fees to Investor as per signed Funding Agreement. These Funds are Non Recourse – meaning they don’t have to be paid back.

Investor must provide:

* CIS Form + Copy Passport + Proof of Funds for Euro 300,000. All Documents in pdf format. All Pages must be signed in wet blue ink.
* Project Summary

Investor could continue to Trade the Funds with Principal.

For Details and Documents must write to:

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