Convert your Asset into a valid Financial Instrument

Activating your dormant Assets

We structure a Financial Instrument based on your Assets, and convert these Assets into Bankable Collaterals. We engineers Certificates of Deposit (CD), SBLCs, Bank Guarantees(BG), or Blocked Funds Confirmations (BFC) based on your own Cash, Assets or Equity. Through this service we help activate dormant assets of a client and create liquidity, or enable higher yielding investments.

Structuring Bankable Collateral

In volatile markets and economies, funding sources do not tend to lend to, or invest in projects. They prefer to fund against collateral or asset backing. We are activating hidden resources of a business or project, and structures bankable collateral for subsequent funding. Engineering a bankable financial instrument based on cash funds, equity, or assets to meet the criteria of an “asset backed loan” is important. Bankable collateral can open new doors to avail funds for investment, project funding, or general business finance. This service provides all necessary components to package collateral in the format of a Proof of Funds, Certificates of Deposit, SBLCs, Bank Guarantees and Blocked Funds Confirmations based on third party cash, assets or equity. to provide active funding support. A professional financial engineering service to structure such a bankable instrument for credit enhancement is available through us.

Who can benefit from this service?

A financially engineered instrument can be used as a back-up guarantee to deal in gold, crude oil, or other commodities, construction and property, and for any other lawful business. It can serve as collateral for project-, real estate- and development finance, for general credit enhancement to avail a loan, and serve as credit line security. It can be used as performance-, bid- or surety bond, and tender guarantee. It enables large investment transactions and high yield investment opportunities, TIR-1 trade programs and trading positions, or serves as blocked funds.

The basics of structuring a bankable instrument

Most commonly used are Certificates of Deposit, but also in the format of an SBLC, a Bank Guarantee or a Blocked Funds Confirmation, arranged and issued through major European and international banks, like UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC or equivalent.

Primary currency is Euros or US Dollars

The service is provided for transactions from US$/€ 50 million up to US$/€ 999 million. Transactions under US$/€ 50 million will be reviewed and considered on a case by case basis.

Please send your KYC + Details of Assets to be used + outline the Instrument required to Third party assets can be leased and used.

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