Cleantech & Renewable Energy Investors Guide

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The world of cleantech & renewable energy investment is evolving.

There are new players arriving into this industry on the monthly basis. In summary, we can categorize them into the following types:

1. Venture Capital & Private Equity firms attached to financial institutions – such as those attached to major banks
2. Structured Funding – Investment firms providing structured funding especially relating to renewable energy projects such as wind farms, biomass, solar and desalination plants
3. Government Organizations – Government related funds including sovereign wealth funds, semi-government investment funds or city sponsored investment funds to encourage green industries
4. Technology Venture Capital Funds – That have expanded into cleantech sectors, some of them are backed by well-known tech companies such as Google, Intel or Japan’s Softbank

5. Industry-backed Venture Capital Funds – These are industrial companies which have created their own venture capital funds to invest in new ideas, good examples are GE, Hitachi, Schneider Electric, Virgin Group and BASF.
6. Energy Companies – Some energy companies also have their attached investment funds, mainly investing in renewable energy projects – Chevron Energy, BP are good examples, as well as many utilities companies also co-invest into new energy related projects. European utilities companies are often corner-stone investors for new infrastructure, Australian and Canadian utilities companies have invested in different types of mining projects including geothermal and uranium companies.
7. Life Science turned green investors – In addition to technology venture capital firms, we often see life-science venture capital firms expanding into environmental science sectors, some are related to technologies, this is especially in the case for European investors.

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