CleanTech Investment Sectors In Demand

Hindmarsh Finance has carried out an extensive research into what sectors of Cleantech / Renewable Energy are in demand.

The findings were:

• Investors in different regions tend to have different demands and interests

European investment firms treat Cleantech / Renewable Energy as part of a broader mandate which often include life sciences and biotechnology, which is quite different from those in North America

North American venture capital firms. on the other hand, have emerged from technology venture capital firms and are now retraining their investment managers looking into Cleantech Opportunities

Canadian investors and American investors also have different appetite when comes to Cleantech & Renewable Energy Opportunities. Canadian firms, for instance are highly experienced in minerals & energy sectors; as well as in large infrastructure projects. American investors; on the other hand, have shown stronger interest in energy efficiency technologies, automobile related technologies and solar industries.

Australian governmentok
is proactive in cleantech and renewable energy and have established multiple grants themselves

Chinese companies are very active in investing in Cleantech and Renewable Energy Projects – especially solar energy, as well as water treatment technologies and air pollution management applications

Japanese investment firms are very active and highly experienced in investing in Cleantech Opportunities – as well as those engaged in the process

Singaporean firms are especially active in investing in water treatment and management opportunities, they also provide export assistance for many companies expanding into China

Taiwanese investment firms are interested in investing in water treatment and solar energy as well as energy efficiency applications such as energy storage devices.

* UK has recently established a large number of investment firms specialized in investing in Renewable Energy and Cleantech Opportunities, because of its landscape, wind power applications are particularly of interest from UK investors and utilities companies. 

Germany – It has very strong R&D capability and has a lot of interests investing in solar energy applications as well as advanced engineering systems and energy efficiency, waste management applications.

* Switzerland – It is a very interesting market and we have seen a large number of Renewable Energy Funds or Cleantech Funds based in Switzerland, as well as Water Funds, including buying up significant portions of water rights and water assets in North America and Australia

Sweden and Norway also have many cleantech investment firms; their governments are also highly supportive in investing in international opportunities; especially those relating to minerals recoveries, wind energies and improvements in oil production & efficiencies.

We will cover each country in details and highlight their requirements and sectors in focus. For more details about investors active in the Cleantech & Renewable Energy Sectors, please buy your Global Green Investors Guide