Clarification on One Day 500% Program

The client’s initial investment returns 500% in One Day of Trading. These funds are blocked via an Administrative Hold for a period of 40 weeks.

There are no further returns on the Client’s Initial Investment, but he can place the proceeds from the One Day 500% into another program, including the opportunity to re-enter the program a second time.

That would increase his initial investment’s proceeds yet another 500% which then can enter into a long term program. The proceeds from the 2nd entry would also be blocked for 40 weeks.

Case Scenario:

Client enters with an initial investment of $10M. It is traded One Day at 500% which gives the client $50M. He re-enters the One Day Program a 2nd time which returns $250M. He can then place that $250M in a long term program. And all the funds that were blocked for the 40 weeks are returned to him in full at the end of the 40 weeks.

This is an excellent program for the clients and Intermediaries alike to make lots of money.

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