CitiBank Trade Bullet Program

Leverage Program/5M CASH Minimum

 The minimum accepted is $5 Million Cash, USD. No leased funds are acceptable.

 CASH funds must be in a Citibank Branch within the US, Europe, Hong Kong or Canada.

 Funds in Citibank will be blocked via a simple Admin Hold for a MAXIMUM of 15 banking days per trade cycle – NO SWIFTING REQUIRED. There are no liens, no co- signatory, no escrow, no transfers, no issue of a bank instrument, the Funds remain under the control of the client at all times.

 Payout to client is 300% after close of 10 days and not longer than 15 Banking Days.

 Corporate or Individual Accounts are acceptable.

 Client nets 300% for each 10 day cycle. Trade may be repeated 2 times.

 Client Brokers are paid from client proceeds via IMFPA which is lodged with Pay Master.

 PROCEDURES; A SIMPLE 1 PAGE CIS, COLOR PASSPORT or DRIVERS LICENSE & CURRENT POF (NO OLDER THAN 3 DAYS) is required for submission – POF may be in the form of an Internet Account Printout from the last 3 Days – Bank Letter is not necessary.

For more details and applications please write to:

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