5 Capital Markets to Consider

5 Capital Markets to Consider for Life-Science / Biotech Opportunities

The venture capital & private equity investors have been involved with the life-science & biotech sectors for over many decades, in fact, they had started even before the Internet investments. Since then, the world of healthcare investments has turned into a global business, here are some markets for you to consider:

1. Australia

It is a relatively small market but it has evolved followed by a number of global successes of Australian biotech companies. The success of these companies have demonstrated Australia’s capability in R&D. The biotech investors in Australia are backed by its medical companies, or by its universities and some are also backed by the nation’s superannuation funds. The Government also sees the biotechnology sector, especially the medical devices sectors as a growth industry to create competitiveness and job opportunities in Australia.

2. China

China’s venture capital industry is growing rapidly, and this also includes biotechnology & healthcare industries. At moment, these are largely dominated by those funds that are backed by American or European parent companies, but China’s own internal venture capital funds have been expanded into these sectors in the recent years. Some of the funds are established by its universities as a way to commercialize their own R&D projects. Investments have been mainly in medical devices and pharmaceutical industries at moment.

3. Germany

Germany is a powerful economy and that also reflects on its venture capital industry, it is well known for its participations in technology, entertainment and cleantech industries; they are also very active investors in the healthcare related opportunities, one only needs to check out how many global healthcare companies are from Germany. In terms of investors, it is a bit different, they have government funded programs which aim to boost the healthcare sectors in Germany & Europe, they have industry specific biotech venture capital investors, and they also have investors backed by conglomerates like BASF and Schneider which also invest in biotechnology sectors.

4. Israel

Israel is a good example in the venture capital industry and a leading nation when comes to innovations, and this is no exception when comes to medical industries. Israeli investors are very active in medical devices, and they have been quite active in Europe, US and emerging markets, particularly India and China.

5. United States

The United States has the largest venture capital industry relating to medical industries. Investors are active in all sectors of medical developments including both technical and non-technical developments. Apart from investments in pharmaceuticals, life-science, medical devices, US investors are also active in areas such as e-health, billing management, diagnostics and hospital managements. American medical investors come from Government departments, semi-private investors, medical company backed venture capital funds, dedicated biotech venture capital funds and university sponsored funds.

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