Cash Backed Bank Instruments to Trade

We have a Trader willing to work with cash-backed Bank Instruments (Owned BGs, MTNs ), issued by Top Banks. The instrument has to be in a Banks custody so an SKR can be issued on the custody.

Final verification from the custody Bank by a Swift MT760. The minimum entry POF is $100M or Euro.


1. The Applicant, apply for the access to the PPP by completing the compliance documents attached. With the application he sends his fresh Proof of Funds as a Tear sheet from his bank or a Bank

Confirmation Letter from his bank. In the application there is a Authorization to Verify the funds. If it is Instruments as funding, they have to be kept in custody by a bank, that can send a MT760 to prove.

2. When I have received the Application and compliance documents, the MOU of the commissions will be sent to the Applicant for his signature.When we receive the MOU in return, the full package will be sent to the Platform (Compliance documents and signed MOU).

3. The Trading Platform will perform a Due Diligence of the Applicant, his compliance documents, his funds and bank.

4. If the Applicant pass the Due Diligence, he will be contacted directly from the Platform and Trader. The Trader will issue a contract of the Trade Program offer, with the details as returns, time of trade, payment of returns etc. If the Applicant accept the details in the contract he sign the contract and the Trader will start the Trading Program in accordance with the contract.

5. When the Trading Program has started the Funder (Investor) will receive his returns in accordance with the contract.

Trade Period: 40 Weeks with Option to extend for up to 5 Years. Historical return is 100% per month subject to confirmation. For Details and Documents please send email to