Canadian Venture Capital Investors

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Canada is an interesting place to consider when comes to venture capital / private equity funds. Many Canadian businesses have gone south to find investment capital from US investors, but in fact, the local Canadian venture capital industry has been growing.

While the size of the industry maybe relatively small compared to the US market, many successful Canadian companies have been funded by the local investors first before they expand into the US market and then obtain funding from US investors for expansion.

Canadian investors are also quite active in international markets, they have been funding for many international deals, both start-up deals and also large multi-billion dollar deals. Some of the industries that Canadian investors have been very active including:

1. Infrastructure, this is a very strong sector demonstrated by Canadian investors, they have been involved in several large privatization projects, acquisitions of infrastructure assets such as toll roads, power stations and telecommunications towers.

2. Real Estate, Canadian investors love real estates, and this is also reflected in their funds. This include private equity firms and real estate investment firms, they have been very busy investing into US properties and developments at moment.

3. Telecommunications sectors – Canada has many successful telecom related companies, particularly in the realm of wireless technologies and applications. Some of the country’s major venture capital firms are attached to telecom companies such as Rogers and Telus

4. Entertainment Industry – This is quite an interesting area, and Canada has several grants and funding bodies specially dedicated to invest in entertainment industries. Canadian Government sees the industry as an important industry to generate jobs growth, and there are funding available from Alberta, BC, Ontario and Quebec. Another interesting point to note is that some of its conglomerates, especially media related businesses also invest in sports and entertainment businesses.

5. Green industries – This is a fast growing industry from venture capital firms, Canada is a leader in several green industries including water management, environmental conservation, filtration and mine remediation. It is also a leader in renewable energy, including nuclear energy.

6. Mining industries – Venture Capital & Private Equity firms are also investing in mining projects (both metals and energy projects); these firms can be found in Alberta, BC and Ontario.

7. Digital Media & Internet – Canada has a significant digital industry, its digital production agents are highly competitive and have been winning big contracts recently from Canadian and US customers. Social Media is another industry that has blossomed over the past 10 years in Canada, some of its social media marketing firms have grown by 5 to 10 times due to the growth. There are several Canadian venture capital firms specializes in investing in digital media, as well as listed media companies focusing in acquiring or consolidating media related businesses.

In summary, Canada is certainly a destination to consider if you have an interesting business idea and looking for funding. The strength in Canadian Dollar has also helped Canadian investors to invest in opportunities in international markets at moment.

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