Canadian Capital Providers

Canada has a strong economy and is one of the G8 members. Canadian investors are particularly experienced in a number of sectors: IT, New Media, Film & Entertainment, Real Estate, Mining, engineering and oil & gas

Canada is also catching up to its investment expertise in investing in Green opportunities and biotechnology / life-science opportunities as well.

Additionally, Canadian investors are also very active in international infrastructure projects, notably by its national pension fund which is one of the most active pension funds in infrastructure in the world.

Here are some investors

Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (The CPP Fund)

CPP Fund is a major international fund which operates like a Private Equity, it has funds over $100 billion under management, CPP is especially active investing in infrastructure projects for the Fund considers infrastructure as a relatively safer asset to invest with predictable and often perpetual income. Over the years, CPP has invested or attempted to invest into airports, telecommunications infrastructure, universities, retirement homes; as well as a wide range of companies in the mining, engineering and transmission / utilities sectors. The Fund invests mainly in international markets including assets in United States and as far as New Zealand and Australia.

32 Degrees Capital

32 Degrees Capital is one of the first venture capital / private equity firms headquartered in Alberta, the mining center of Canada. Naturally, 32 Degrees Capital’s speciality is almost entirely dedicated to mining activities, this include base metals, oil, gas and other energy activities such as geothermal energy opportunities. Investments may also include mining engineering services and mining related infrastructure, the company has invested in many junior mining companies to-date.

Alberta Enterprise Corporation

There are 2 funds: The Enterprise Fund which invests in early stage / seed capital opportunities, and it also invests in other venture capital funds, normally closed private equity investment vehicles.

This is an interesting company for both entrepreneurs and other venture capital fund managers to consider. Investment size varies depending on the sector and stage of investment, it looks like the fund does invest in international opportunities as well.

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