Bullet trade program in Zurich

Details of our bullet trade in brief are as follows:-

1). I am accepting submissions from clients and bank trading starts from Monday January 14, 2013.

2). ROI is 50% per day, pay-off weekly.

3). Trading Contract will be done within 3 banking days upon submission and successful bank compliance on CIS + TEARSHEET + ATV + PASSPORT COPY + BANK STATEMENTS from owner of cash funds.

4). Cash funds EUR 100M up to EUR 5B are accepted into our bullet trade as per 2013 bank guidelines. Cash funds must physically be within Credit Suisse or Deutsche Bank in Zurich.

5). Cash funds must be owned and legally earned. Owner must be applicant. Trading bank will test origin, source, history and ownership of these cash funds. I am authorized rep of trader.

6). Duration of bullet trade program will only be notified by Trader in his trade agreement which will be issued by Trader within 3 banking days after the account signatory owner of cash funds passes bank compliance in trading bank.

7). Please first submit your investor’s KYC documents for bank compliance process inclusive of CIS, Passport Copy, current dated bank Tearsheet, ATV (Authority to Verify), Bank Account Statements from owner of legally earned cash funds.

8). In case the investor’s cash funds are in another top bank then to qualify for bullet trade those cash funds must be transferred into Credit Suisse / Deutsche Bank in Zurich by the owner into his own investor-sole-signatory-account which will remain in full control of owner of cash funds. Transfer can take place within two hours since my trader always has reserved accounts in these banks for such purpose.

For more Details or Application Forms please wri to: