Bullet Program #18a

Minimum amount needed to participate in this program is $10 million cash. Maximum accepted is $100 million.

The trader we have access to is using Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong to perform this special Private Placement Bullet Program for interested and financially qualified clients with CASH only.

If the client already has an account in that bank we need only a compliance packet and advisement that client’s funds are already in that bank. If client’s funds are in any other bank in Hong Kong, the client needs to send only a current Tear Sheet as Proof of Funds with his Compliance Packet. For funds in banks in Hong Kong there is no blocking of funds needed and no SWIFT.

If client’s funds are in any other large bank anywhere in the world, the client needs to send a current Tear Sheet from that bank with his compliance packet and a 60 day administrative hold will be placed on those funds confirmed by SWIFT to qualify.

The profits paid to the client are 500% after 15 days.

If for example a client participates with $10 million, after 15 days he will receive $50 million and have a total of $60 million.

If he participates with $100 million, after 15 days he is paid $500 million to add to his $100 million which is still in his account as funds are not moved, so he will have a total of $600 million.

It is possible to reenter the program and repeat the process.

Commission paid by the trader to be shared by all consultants is 2.5%. No fee agreement is needed.

To enter, send us a normal compliance packet with proof of funds and tell us that it is for Program #18a and we will introduce you to the trader who will guide you through the process. Send Compliance Package and POF to:

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