$5M + Accelerated Trade Program 200% per Week

• Investment Amount: Minimum entry is $5M and max entry is $5B.
• Asset Type: CASH ONLY – No instruments
• Funds are required to be in the Hong Kong Banking jurisdiction – Preferred Bank is Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), the Trade Bank.
• Funds do not leave your account.
Tear Sheet Program – no block or Swift. Tear Sheet is pulled each day of trade.
• Contracts are guaranteed earnings. This is not a best efforts agreement.
• COMPOUNDING is permitted.
• Actual earnings will be quoted when the trade agreement is provided.
• No project funding is required.
• All Top HK Banks accepted. Client must provide a daily tear sheet.
• Clients who do not have funds in HK may request a sub account from the Foundation that manages the humanitarian projects for this trade. The trade starts the day after the contracts are signed and the funds are transferred to the sub account.

This feature is provided for Clients without HK accounts because, it is very difficult to get fresh HK bank accounts. A sub account does NOT require a Table Top Meeting in HK which is good for Clients who cannot travel. The daily tear sheet will be provided directly by the Foundation

• A table top meeting (TTM) is required in Hong Kong for all clients who are not using the sub-account
• There is flexibility regarding distribution of earnings and the ability to compound from week to week on the short-term trades.
• Compounding is permitted.
• Compounding Earnings


5M returns 200% week 1 (paid on 4th day) = 10M profit
15M returns 200% week 2 (paid on 4th day) = 30M profit
45M returns 200% week 3 (paid on 4th day) = 90M profit
10M returns 200% week 1 (paid on 4th day) = 20M profit
30M returns 200% week 2 (paid on 4th day) = 60M profit
90M returns 200% week 3 (paid on 4th day) = 180M profit

• This program may be repeated three times for three consecutive weeks, to be followed by a 40-week trade.
• There are premiums offered for funds in Standard Chartered Bank and for owners of cash with Chinese passports.
• Funds above $100M have larger returns. The anticipated minimum return is 200% per week however, Clients with funds above 100M will likely be paid 300% + profit range.

Actual returns are quoted within the trade agreement or by trade rep at TTM (Table Top Meeting).

• Client signs contract for each week. (This is an easy process for on-going clients.)
• Clients will also be offered managed buy/sells, as well as other bullet programs as client completes above bullets, as long as client is cooperative and interested.
• This is a good starter program for new clients – this trading group likes long-term relationships and will help clients build into long-term programs.
• Documents required for submission: CIS, Passport, current bank account statement or tear sheet – less than 3 days old, Corporate Resolution, if applicable – please ask for the specific submission package.
• You will be contacted within 24-48 hours of your submission to review details.
• Intermediaries will be protected and agreements will be lodged with paymaster.

Procedure when Funds are in Client’s own account at SCB/HK

• Client submits their Intake/Compliance Docs with current dated Bank Statement.
• Confirmation of the Standard Chartered account and due diligence on funds/clients.
• Principal to principal call is completed, to review terms and conditions.
• Contract is delivered within 48 hours.
• Contract is executed at TTM in HK and the trade begins the following day.

Procedure when Client Funds are in a Top Hong Kong Bank

• Client submits their Intake/Compliance Docs with current dated Bank Statement.
• Confirmation of the bank account and due diligence on funds/clients.
• Principal to principal call is completed, to review terms and conditions.
• Client is scheduled for a TTM at Standard Chartered Bank to sign trade agreement.
• Client must provide a fresh tear sheet for the TTM.
• Contract is executed at TTM in HK and the trade begins within the week.
• Signatory must provide a fresh tear sheet daily.

Protocol for securing a sub-account at Standard Chartered Bank/HK

• Upon the completion of compliance the client may request a sub-account to be opened in their company name by the Foundation managing the humanitarian projects.
• The trade agreements will be delivered and executed prior to the movement of funds.
• So long as the funds may be moved to the HK jurisdiction most worldwide banking jurisdictions will be approved.
• The account is opened in the name of the client’s company and is under the sole control of the client. Only the client may move funds from this account or give authorizations for disbursement.
• The account is a non-depleting account under the banking regulations of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and SCB.
• Principal must be returned to the same account that delivered the funds. Earnings may be distributed to any account the client chooses. DO NOT close the bank account that delivered the original funds. Principal may only be returned to this account and it cannot be disbursed elsewhere.
• Client must provide a limited Power of Attorney with authorization to sign the trade agreements. Copies will be provided to the Client.
• The account may be set up within 24 hours and trade will begin the next day.
• By utilizing the sub-account the earnings will be substantially higher and accelerated programs are available. Presently, there is a weekly trade, which may be repeated three times, and the funds may compound.
• Client sends a pre-advice to SCB/HK from their bank requesting to open a bank account. Instructions will be given.
• Standard Chartered Bank responds with HKMA transaction codes and banking coordinates for delivery of funds and to establish the sub-account.
• This is an excellent alternative is offered for those who do not have banking relationships established with SCB/HK and do not want the expense and travel and weeks of delay when establishing a bank account in Hong Kong.

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