30 Days Small Cap Tear Sheet Program in Hong Kong

Minimum $ 5M

The client can re-enter twice. The return is low 2.5 per day, however it is real and practical.

30 days 2.5% daily pay out

Program Overview:

1. Funds accepted from most banks in Hong Kong (Minimum 5M)

2. Instruments accepted from most banks

3. Leased Funds and Instruments accepted where client is signatory and beneficiary

4. SKR’s accepted where asset is kept in Bank only – No Depositories

5 No swift required No Block required , Only tear sheet

6. Net return to client 2.5% daily

7. Client need to make one online user account, which can view the account every day pull tear sheet online.


1. Client submits CIS/Color Passport/KYC compliance package

2. Compliance takes 5 days

3. Contract issued by Trader to Client

4. Trade starts the next day typically

5. Client receives profit next day after trade

Funds / Instruments Allowed:

· Cash

· BG

· Promissory Notes

· Bank Draft


· Corporate bonds

· Bank SKR’s

· Leased Cash / Instruments

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