3 Profile of Greentech & Renewable Energy Investors

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Here are companies that you can take a look if you are looking for investments relating to Greentech or Renewable Energy Sectors.

32 Degrees Capital

Canadian investment firm, with its focus primarily in energy sectors including renewable energy sectors. Founded in 2004, 32 Degrees Capital is an energy-focused private equity firm based in Calgary, Canada.

The Firm follows a diversified energy strategy, making investments in partnership with management teams in early stage oil and gas companies and energy service, equipment and manufacturing businesses.

Typically, it makes investments in business models that have significant growth opportunities and that operate with or provide a significant cost advantage.

The majority of the Firm’s investments are made in Canada; however, consideration is made for U.S. and International opportunities.

Akula Energy Ventures, LLC

Akula Energy Ventures, LLC is an investment company focused on developing renewable energy projects around the world. Akula Energy Ventures invests in early-stage projects across the renewable energy spectrum, including solar, hydroelectricity and biofuels. Akula Energy Ventures has targeted investments and partnerships in the Northwest region of the United States and the Central West region of India.

21 Ventures, LLCglobal urbanization, growing middle class in emerging markets, and depletion of natural resources. These challenges demand a significant transformation of current industries and practices. 21Ventures provides seed to early-stage capital to companies developing disruptive technology across several sectors, including solar, wind, water, energy storage, efficiency and agriculture. 21Ventures is based in New York and invests in companies from $100,000 to $20m, it is a global investor. For more details about Greentech & Renewable Energy Investors, buy your Global Green Investors Guide.