3 Days Bullet Trade

Trade Overview

Minimum Entry: Ten Million USD
Trade Duration: Three (3) Banking Days
Returns: Historical returns have been 200%-400% net to client*(returns will vary depending on which bank the client’s funds are in)
Acceptable Bank(s): Top Banks in Hong Kong (note: It is possible to use funds in other Top Asian banks, if they have a branch in Hong Kong)


1) Client will go to their Bank in Hong Kong, accompanied by a Platform principal, and request a current Tear sheet.
2) Upon receipt of this tear sheet, client will sign an initial agreement with the Platform, to place their funds into trade.
3) After signing the agreement, the platform will arrange a time for the client to accompany them to the Trade Bank in Hong Kong, to sign the formal trade contract.
4) After signing the trade contract, client will be paid upon the completion of the Trade.
Documents required: Current Tear sheet or Bank Statement, Client Information Sheet (CIS), Authorization to verify (ATV), Passport Copy

(Note: There are NO SWIFTS required, and the client’s funds are NOT blocked or reserved)

To enter Trade please send Compliance Package to: