$ 100M+ Tear Sheet/Ping Program

Cash Funds Only – minimum $ 100M

1. Cash Funds are blocked for 10 days only.

2. 10 Days Bullet Trade Program earning 500%. A JV with the Platform and client as follows:

– Under 1 Billion 60% Client and 40% Trade Platform . Intermediary fees paid by Platform

– Over 1 Billion 75% Client and 25% Platform. Intermediary fee paid by Platform

3. Most European, Middle Eastern and Asian Banks acceptable.

4. Documents required – LOI, CIS, Passport and Proof of Funds

5. Requirements – Daily Tear Sheet signed by 2 Bank Officers and they will also ping the account

6. Trading Banks are top Banks, but funds do not move from the account and are basically put on Admin Hold each day.

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