10 Most Promising Chinese Companies

Business News reveal figures that since January 1, 2010 out of the 870 companies in China on the Shanghai Stock Market Composite Index, 19 have experienced share price surge over 500% while 553 companies have seen price share growth above 100%.

These Chinese companies are experiencing explosive growth doing business in China and are sure to be the most promising Chinese companies.

1. Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric

Chinese language: 天津百利电气有限公司
Pinyin: Tiānjīn bǎi lì diànqì yǒuxiàn gōngsī
Sector: Materials

Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric Co., Ltd. is a company doing business in China principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of high- and low-voltage electric appliances, tungsten and molybdenum products, as well as sightseeing lifts and related products. They have been identified as the most competitive Chinese company doing business in the Chinese electrical equipment industry.

Benefo has provided goods and services to a series of major projects in China including the Three Gorges Dam and the Beijing Capital International Airport. The Chinese company distributes its products in overseas and Chinese markets.

2. Taian Lurun Co.

Chinese language: 鲁润股份
Pinyin: Lǔ rùn gǔfèn
Sector: Energy

Taian Lurun is a Chinese company doing business in China principally involved in the manufacture of oil products as well as coal mining and distribution. Aside from its core business, Taian is also involved in property development, gold mining and energy investment through subsidiaries. Almost all of Taian´s business is conducted within Chinese markets and its primary operations are in the Shandong province of Eastern China.

3. Anhui Sun Create Electronics

Chinese language:青岛气象
Pinyin: Qīng dǎo qì xiàng
Sector: Information Techonology

Located in the Anhui (Chinese language: 安徽, pinyin: Ānhuī) Province in Eastern China Anhui is involved in the production, design, research and sale of radar components and electronic systems. The Chinese company is doing business in China and it is known to have a competitive advantage in the areas of commercial radar, such as meteorological radar and air traffic control radar, multimedia communication and microwave modules.

4. Sichuan Western Resources

Chinese language: 四川西部资源控股股份有限公司
Pinyin: Sì chuān xī bù zī yuán kòng gǔ gǔ fèn yǒu xiàn gōng sī
Sector: Materials

Sichuan Western Resources, a company in China principally engaged in the mining and distribution of nonferrous metal products such copper. It operates primarily in the Gansu (Chinese language: 甘肃省, pinyin: Gān sù shěng) Province in China.

5. Haitong Food Group Co.

Chinese Language:海通食品集团
Pinyin: Hǎi tōng shípǐn jítuán
Sector: Consumer Staples

Chinese Haitong Food Group is principally engaged in food processing, production and distribution of frozen, dehydrated and canned food products. The Chinese company distributes its products in overseas and Chinese markets.

6. Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng

Chinese language: 广西梧州中恒集团股份有限公司
Piyin: Guǎngxī wúzhōu zhōng héng jítuán gǔfèn yǒuxiàn gōngsī
Sector: Healthcare

Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng mostly involved in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals as well as property development. The Chinese company operates its businesses primarily in Wuzhou (Chinese language: 梧州市, pinyin: Wúzhōu shì) and Guangxi (Chinese language:广西, pinyin: Guǎngxi) autonomous regions in China.

7. Sanan Optoelectronics Co.

Chinese language: 三安光电
Pinyin: Sān ān guāng diàn
Sector: Information Technology

Chinese company Sanan Optoelectronics is doing business in China in the areas of research, development, production and sale of light emitting diode (LED) products and high power spotlight solar electricity generation systems. They are a bulk supplier, with a minimum order requirement of 300 units. This company in China distributes its products in Chinese markets but exports over 40% to overseas markets.

8. Ningxia Dayuan Chemical

Chinese language: 宁夏大元化工股份有限公司
Pinyin: Níngxià dà yuán huàgōng gǔfèn yǒuxiàn gōngsī
Sector: Materials

Ningxia Dayuan Chemical is principally focused in the manufacture and distribution of raw construction materials and carbon fiber products. Since the beginning of 2009 the Chinese company has seen its price shares rise over 940%.

9. Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics

Chinese language: 江苏高淳陶瓷股份有限公司
Pinyin: Jiāngsū gāochún táocí gǔfèn yǒuxiàn gōngsī
Sector: Industrials

The Chinese company Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics is principally doing business in China in the manufacture and distribution of daily-use ceramic products like the honeycomb ceramics used in catalytic converters, as well as dinner sets and tableware.

10. Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel

Chinese language: 内蒙古包钢钢联股份有限公司
Pinyin: Nèiménggǔ bāo gāng gāng lián gǔfèn yǒuxiàn gōngsī
Sector: Materials

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel is a Chinese company primarily concentrated in the production and sale of refined rare earth mine products, deep processed rare earth products and new rare earth materials. It produces a variety of steel products such as rods, beams and columns